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Tentative April 6th meeting ?

With many of the Covid restrictions being lifted later this month we are anticipating having a regular monthly meeting Tuesday April 6th at 7PM. We will update this page when it is confirmed. Hope all are well and getting ready for the spring fishing season.

Turkey Shoot and Raffle Drawing ! May 16th 10AM

Kalicoontie Rod & Gun Club will be holding our last shoot of the spring on Sunday May 16th.

After the shoot we will pull the winners of our spring raffle.

All shoots start at 10AM. Competitions held using .12g and .20g birdshot, slugs, center fire rifle, .22cal rim fire pistol, and .22cal rim fire rifle. Entry is $3. Frozen Hams, Turkeys, and Pork Loins awarded as first prize. Second prize is ( kielbasa , Cornish hen )
There are also prize tables filled with sports related gear to choose from as well as raffles. We supply .12g, .20g, and .22cal ammo. You must bring your own slugs and center fire ammo. For more info call Scott at 845-757-2552 ( day ) or Joe 518-537-3997

February monthly meeting cancelled

As expected we will be cancelling the February monthly club meeting due to covid restrictions. At this point we will most likely have to cancel the next two meetings or more till restrictions are lifted and the weather gets better. We are working on a newsletter that will be out next month. Raffle prizes for the spring drawing are being secured as we speak.
The clubhouse and range is open for individual use. Please use sense and precaution if bringing guests. There are sanitizers spread throughout for use as well as cleaning supplies and masks if needed. Hopefully we will all be able to get together in the near future. Till then be safe out there if fishing on ice and keep your spirits up.

TURKEY SHOOT and RAFFLE DRAWING ! Sunday November 1st

Yes, that is right. We are going to hold our last shoot of the fall on November 1st starting at 10AM. Lots of meat prizes to win as well as raffles and sports related gear. Come shoot some targets for a chance at a great meal. ( turkeys, hams, pork loins, and keilbasi ). Competitions using bird shot, slug, .22 rifle, .22 pistol, and center fire rifle. We supply 12g and 20g shot shells, as well as .22 LR ammo. Slugs, and center fire ammo please bring your own. $3 per entry. Fall raffle drawing will be held right after the shoot. Five great firearms to win at only $2 per chance. For more info call Joe at 518-537-3997 or Scott at 845-757-2552 . Hope to see you all there. Please remember Covid restrictions are still in place. Please wear a face covering.