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Pistol Recertification

Use this web address above to check your status

NEW YORK, (WETM) – According to New York State Police, an individual must recertify pistol permits in New York every five years on the date of their initial recertification date. They say they issued the clarification in the response to misinformation.

Incorrect information was reportedly circulating, telling gun owners that pistol permit recertification would be due by January 15. This is only true for pistol permit holders who recertified on Jan. 15, 2017-five years earlier.

Pistol permits issued in New York before Jan. 31, 2013, were first due to be recertified with the New York State Police by Jan. 31, 2018. The pistol permit recertification website was first opened to allow recertification on January 1, 2017. This date range created a 13-month window to allow New York pistol permit holders enough time to submit their first recertification.

The due dates for the second round of pre-2013 issued pistol permits will range between January 1, 2022, to January 31, 2023. Permits issued after January 31, 2013, were due to recertify five years after the permit issue date, and every five years thereafter.

A pistol permit holder who recertified on March 8, 2017, would be due to recertify by March 8, 2022. Find out your current recertification status online.

Canaan Conservation Club 23rd Annual Hard Water Derby

The 23rd Annual Hard Water Fishing Derby will be held Saturday 2/19/2022 at Queechy Lake, Canaan NY. Prizes include:
Eskimo Fatfish 949i 3 – 4 person insulated shelter
Mr. Heater – Heater Buddy
Poles, augers, jigs and MORE!
Adults (16+) $15 | Youth (15 and under) $5

A bunch of us usually attend this derby. Always a great time on a great lake loaded with fish.