Kalicoontie will have a limited amount of spots so reserve now. Go to NRA website to register. Search find course. Search Defensive pistol This should pop up.

General Information

PAUL ZUCKERMAN will be teaching the course
Course Title:
NRA Defensive Pistol

Class Date/Time: Saturday, November 4, 2017 8:00 AM

Class End Date/Time: Saturday, November 4, 2017 5:00 PM

Register By: Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cost: $90.00
Initial Deposit: $45.00


Kalicoontie Rod & Gun Club
333 Schneider Road
Husdon, NY 12534

Some additional info;

NRA – Defensive Pistol
· The NRA’s guidelines for this course allow the use of any type of revolver or semi-automatic. However, I recommend that you use a center fire semi-automatic, 9 mm caliber or greater, or a center fire double action revolver. 38sp caliber or greater.
· A single-action semi-automatic, such as a variant of the M1911 or Browning High Power, carried with the hammer back, safety on, and a round in the chamber is best suited to someone who is extremely experienced with this type of handgun. (Allowed by NRA rules, but not recommended by me.)
· Single-action revolver not permitted.
· The shooting exercises call for approximately 135 rounds, but only hits count.
· Expect to fire between 200 and 250.
· Factory ammunition only, please.
Magazines or Speed Loaders
· Most of the shooting exercises require you to reload at least once.
· Bring two or three magazines or speed loaders.
Holster or holster purse
· Strong-side concealment-style hip (belt) with an appropriate belt or in-the pants holster.
· Competition holsters not permitted.
· Holsters with or without safety straps are permitted.
· Holsters without safety straps must be capable of holding the handgun securely during movements that occur during the range exercises.
· Holsters must prevent the trigger finger from entering the trigger guard.
· High-quality leather or synthetic holsters molded to the exact gun shape recommended.
Concealment garment
· Most of the shooting exercises start with a loaded handgun in a holster under a concealment garment.
· Bring a garment you can be sweep aside. Typically, this is a jacket or vest open in front. Pull-up cover garments not permitted.
Ear protection [preferably electronic), eye protection, and a “baseball style” cap.

Bring lunch and snacks. The clubhouse has a kitchen with a microwave stove and refrigerator.)