Monthly Archives: October 2019


That’s right. Starting at 10AM Sunday morning the most exciting Turkey Shoot in the county will begin. A chance for you to win frozen Turkeys, Hams, and giant Pork Loins. Fill that freezer before winter. We are shooting bird shot, slugs, and center fire rifle. Want to sight your deer gun in quick while having a chance to win some prizes ? How about your .22cal rifle or pistol ? Want to try shooting either for a chance to win ? Come on down and have a blast. Don’t want to shoot, fill a spot on our big prize cards and let the kids shoot it for a chance at a meal. Lots of sports related prizes as well. Kalicoontie big fall raffle winners will be drawn this day right after the shoot. $2 a ticket for a chance at 5 different firearms. Breakfast and lunch are available. We supply .12g /.20g birdshot and .22lr ammo. Center fire, slugs and .16g bring your own. Hope to see you there.