Monthly Archives: March 2020

Upcoming events / Corona Virus ( updated 4-13-20 )

Due to the recent Virus and government mandated restrictions we are cancelling / postponing some of our upcoming events. The April 4th hunter safety course will be on hold till further notice. The April 5th Turkey Shoot will be cancelled. The April 7th monthly meeting will be cancelled due to these circumstances. Hopefully in a short time we will all be past this and back to our regular lives. Till then the range will stay open for individual use. Be safe and be strong !

As of now we are not sure about the May monthly meeting or the May 3rd Turkey shoot being able to be held. We will keep everyone posted on this site and our facebook page. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring and make a decision later in the month. For now we hope all are doing well as we deal with our ever changing environment. Remember folks, stay one fishing pole length away from each other.