Monthly Archives: September 2021


We are having a Turkey Shoot Sunday November 7th starting at 10 AM. Competitions held using .12g and .20g birdshot, slugs, center fire rifle, .22cal rim fire pistol, and .22cal rim fire rifle. Entry is $3. Frozen Hams, Turkeys, and Pork Loins awarded as first prize. Second prize is kielbasa.

We will be selling tickets to our fall raffle and announcing the winners immediately following the shoot. Five unique firearm prizes for the lucky winners. There are prize tables filled with sports related gear to choose from as well just in case your freezer is already full. We supply .12g, .20g, and .22cal ammo. You must bring your own slugs and center fire ammo.

For more info call Scott at 845-757-2552 ( day ) or Joe 518-537-3997